It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference when it comes to your home and garden.  Why spend hours working in your home to achieve a stylish look if low-quality finishing touches let everything down?

With this in mind, Frank’s Fencing Services offers a wide range of practical materials that don’t compromise on style, ensuring your garden and home look suitably impressive. Our family-owned operation was established more than 60 years ago, and provides professional yet friendly service. Customers have a superb selection of fences to choose from, including treated pine and primed products, which will effectively revitalise the look of their property and garden.

In addition to the fencing material, we also provide an extensive selection of landscaping materials, such as decking and sleepers.

You will appreciate the readily available professional advice from the friendly staff, each of whom endeavour to ensure you pick the right product for your requirements.

There is a personalised service, so that we are committed to catering to your specific needs so you’re sure to encounter quality service and guaranteed a quality product.

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