We stock and sell a variety of Square Hollow section.

What sets us apart from other steel suppliers?

We stock and sell Australian Steel Products.

Light Gauge 1.6mm

  • 50x50x2.4m
  • 50x50x3m

Heavy Gauge 2.5mm

  • 50x50x2.4m
  • 50x50x3m
  • 50x50x3.6m
  • 65x65x2.4m
  • 65x65x3m
  • 65x65x3.6m
  • 75x75mm
  • 100x100x2.4m
  • 100x100x3m

To compliment our steel products we also stock a range of associated hardware such as

Post/End Caps/Brackets/Fasteners etc